a List of self-taught Entrepreneurial skills

Here is a short list of the skills & experiences entrepreneurship experience added to my portfolio:

  • How to plan, build and maintain websites
  • How to plan and execute a digital launch
  • Project management for marketing and digital projects
  • Managing creative and technical teams
  • Client management and development of client relationships
  • Knowledgeable of internet marketing, classic marketing
  • How to setup basic e-commerce
  • How to be my own company spokesperson
  • How to develop blog, vlogs and courses
  • Design software purchasing and installation
  • How to translate print materials into digital assets
  • How to create web content, and build content calendar
  • How to build workflows, processes and automation for anything
  • How to set up a “work from home” business
  • How to cultivate business ideas into business plans
  • Strategic storytelling and technical writing for digital and intranet


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