I started in web and graphic design 15 years ago, for the last 5 years I have been an embedded contractor focused on digital communications for one of the largest oil & gas company's in the U.S. I have redesigned intranets and websites and while running the day-to-day of digital operations I have developed a user-focused approach to the design of digital products.  


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Digital transformation

Team onboarding and remote work team   In 2010 I joined Ad Results Advertising, a market leader in radio advertising and live content creation. I

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Making it to the NFL

I didn’t play but I did get to have a role related to my talents sets, with the organization that I passionately dreamed about  since

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The Theology of Mom – CrossPoint Church

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Small Business Saturday

This is the way an idea… one that’s not even a product or a service takes life. American Express OPEN Small Business Saturday – YouTube.

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