Account lead at digital agency

A special opportunity to do digital marketing account at DMN3 (Agency)

Turned into a turning point in my career when I became part of a digital transformation with one of my clients that turned into 10 years of leadership. 

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Phillips 66 Local Legends Digital Campaign

The 2011 email campaign for ConocoPhillips. As the account manager for DMN3, I led a national US email marketing campaign to grow social media contest for a strong oil & gas brand.

In early 2011, a turnkey direct marketing agency joined the Houston digital industry by acquiring a powerhouse interactive and social media boutique. At that agency, DMN3, I was hired as the Digital Account Services & Project Manager

Saving client accounts was not my priority. I had to balance many stakeholder expectations, and execute specialty tactical marketing initiatives. I owned all client facing support with new connections with whom the rest of my team had built years of relationships. It was a challenging position to lead from.

I leaned a lot on my background in digital project management to add value, and I built on previous entrepreneurial experience to adapt quickly and get up to speed on multifaceted account details. This was my first position as Account manager so I also leveraged a lot of on the job training opportunities to develop business analyst skills.

My role was a key part of the growth of digital strategy because I would work with the acquired team on incumbent accounts and make recommendations to our Account Director about the agency’s future strategy with the account.

I advised on email marketing, mobile app design, analytics and a wide variety of internet advertising and marketing campaigns. I managed 9 digital accounts, including the Scooter Store, SilverLeaf Resorts and ConocoPhillips.

The opportunity with DM3 was one of continuous transition, due to organization shifts I reported to 4 different supervisors in my 9 months of employment there. I never caught my foothold with their long term plan and I was eventually let go. It was personally one of my rewarding job positions due 1 account.

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