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Nationwide Contest Email Campaign for Oil and gas brand – ConocoPhillips/ Phillips 66 (DMN3)

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By Rodney Echols

Background (story)

The Phillips 66 Local Legends contest was a promotional email campaign aimed at growing brand awareness for my clients 3 consumer brands – 76, 66 and Kendall. The campaign objectives were to build the email list and to grow the social media audience.

Local Legends entries were gas station customers who would send in user generated content, in the form of personal videos, for a chance to win free gasoline for a year. The concept of the campaign was to tie Phillips’ brand with idea being the expert at gasoline and petroleum products. The idea was to connect with customers’ personal expertise and talents by finding local experts.

At the start of the campaign, the ConocoPhillips marketing team promoted a new manager to handle the campaign. DMN3 Worldwide, the agency under contract back in winter of 2011, had owned the account for several years prior. They had established relationships and history. I was introduced to the campaign as the new account manager and project manager agency side. I owned technical and tactical execution strategy of email send template and produced the creative.


DMN3 (the formerly integrated ConocoPhillips) 1/2012 -2/2012

Case Study

Client strategy execution

Social media was breaking ground in the business world and presented a new marketing channel for the company. We would used their customer email list to work around their lack of social media presence. During kick-off, I also learned that the technical aspects of inbound digital marketing was one of the client’s weaknesses. I decided that knowledge transfer would be the baseline of my client strategy for this project.

I provided 1-on-1 coaching and consulting on performance indicators (KPIs), list health and segmentation strategy to further the client relationship. I explained how my segmentation strategy was key to optimize learning from each send result. I measured metrics to find the sweet spot for send times and directed list cleanups following each send.

The newfound knowledge that I provided my client allowed  us to set and discuss realistic goals and outcomes. I developed a personal report and recommendations and though contract negotiations did not allow for the agency to retain the client, I know that my service strategy created great rapport with the client and I received positive feedback emails.  

Campaign strategy execution

My email marketing experience was also key to overcoming campaign requirements. The client required us to use Bronto email automation software to manage this campaign, which was not a very popular solution so I chose to partner with a vendor. I directed the creative execution of the templates and the list import.

Outlook test performance was critical because it was the client’s enterprise platform. I personally performed QA and testing of the templates. I used Litmus testing software, in order to assure the client of how the audience would receive the emails.

The campaign schedule included 3 sends for each of the 3 brands. I chose previous actions to organize the list segments, In order to gather the most useful customer information for my knowledge transfer strategy. As a result we were able to optimize the send fast. We discovered peak send times and email client usage for open and conversions after 1 send by comparing the brands.


Knowledge transfer client strategy led to a full-time career opportunity

During this project I came to know the ConocoPhillips’ brand. I made connections on the marketing team which would help me to earn a full-time career opportunity on the digital team at Corporate headquarters.

Previous action segmentation strategy identifies optimum send details better

The list segmentation strategy was successful because we saw improvement to open% and click throughs, and we were able to efficiently make decisions about email client support to that down on template production stress and testing efforts.  

Improved company social media brand value with customer engagement

More than 200 consumers submitted videos during the seven-month campaign. This campaign legitimized the ConocoPhillips Facebook and YouTube pages as two-way marketing channels, user generated content (comments and submissions) from the campaign added to credibility to the previously bare feeds.

Discovered a recommended industry tool which I used to solve a common problem

I particularly enjoyed the QA process using the Litmus tool, and I have recommended using it in project following. Prior to this project, I had not heard of Litmus and Browserstack, but I was very familiar with the pains of cross-browser and email client testing.



marketing email campaign


Bronto, Litmus, HTML/CSS, email marketing strategy, Powerpoint

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