Web Project Builds at Interactive Marketing Agency

TopSpot Internet Marketing focused on building search optimized websites and marketing campaigns. In 2009, as Project Manager over for the new 6 years old company, I developed agency strategy and led website builds.

The most impactful discovery opportunities were around defining the struggles of a new agency:

Quickly building profitable scopes for the complex projects;

Getting developers to improve internal communication on build effort and estimating time usage;

Gathering content from clients inside the schedule;

Balancing for delivering good design and meeting client expectations;

When and how to choose the right billing methodology based on the proposal.

This was the first job in my career where I did not design to solve problems, the fact that I did not solve the problems but discovered and crafted clear great questions for the team was my greatest contribution. Those discoveries provided a clear line of direction that the company could work on long after I left the company. For my career the process in the pf discovery I gained a greater knowledge of digital project strategy and how to motivate and direct team mates. I came away with even more of a hybrid skill set than I started and more empathy for the different roles of a creative team.



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