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You don't need a "one of a kind job". You need a "one of a kind approach" to your work.
Cal Newport
Author, Deep Work

Rodney Echols

UX & Product Design for Digital Communications


I make communication products and experiences that help employees and leaders have modern work experiences on devices.

yrs. experience
  • Supervisor/ Lead
    5 yrs.
  • Strengths
  • Digital Strategy
  • UX Approach
  • Designer
Feature Project
  • align services and tools to client strategy
  • deliver modern digital experiences for non-web people

Co-founder of digital analytics services I used my UX & Product design to establish a new function on our team at global HQ.


Winning Stakeholder Buy-in

Built MVP report to teach stakeholders about analytics at the company


Measurement strategy

Defined strategy to help non-web users measure digital communication alignment with strategy



Designed & delivered analytics with with very lean resources in order to grow our services

5 years to complete

Digital transformation global user discovery workshop


Digital Transformation working group chosen


Platform redesign projects

Redesigned intranet & corp website. $4MM+ project. Established social media.

2014 - 2015

Quarterly Analtytics Report Launch

hand-made MVP for 2.5 years.


Begin measurement framework design


Built data layer & sources


Built internet dashboard

2016 - 2017

Final all-in-one dashboard launched


Product & Interaction Design to manage & publish content

other ways I stay involved

Always inding new projects!

Tackling digital work from home problems

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Service projects

Teaching and mentoring design & digital topics

Digital Specialty blended experiences: strategic | lead | design

Design innovation & content development
master of creative process, practitioner UX process and Design Thinking
Website Design tools & skills
built my first website in college around 1997
Project Management for global sites
13 years working at company HQs and agencies
High level stakeholder management
work on lean teams direct report to leadership

Learn more about my varied background creating and managing digital experiences.

What kind of work can you give a guy with my special set of skills?

  • intranet manager
  • digital/web experience manager
  • designer
  • strategy
  • analyst

Leadership & Collaboration Projects & Experiences in the life and work of a designer

I built a project following the Sara Doody Career Journal project.

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