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Design thought-leader for wellness

I started this project to find a super fun way to beat burnout and reduce stress at work. Inspired by self-care practices and a “Dad” sense of humor, i created little moments of zen and in my daily routine and I have set out on a mission to spread my learnings to others.

What does an Experience Designer do?

The spectrum of design roles and skills is numerous and confusing. In this little column I’ll demonstrate my expertise by curating a listicle of articles, sources and resources to help you understand what Rodney Echols can bring to the table on your project.

Building a dashboard UI

This was one of my most successful projects in my entire career. In order to share insights into my success I want to analyze “how might I do it differently if I had to do it again?”.

OoAK Professional Experience

When projects or clients aren’t perfect I get an opportunity to deliver my One of A Kind experience. This is a listicle of professional experiences that demonstrate my leadership and expertise level.