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Design thought-leader for wellness

As a design-thought leader I wanted to have a voice on a topic of design that was meaningful.  So I began a series of projects to practice keynote speaking and digital product design. 

Like many, during the past few years I have struggled with self-care and wellness. I most enjoy my work when I can sprinkle a bit of  humor and surprise to boost the human-centric meaning of my mostly digital technical work. 

  • Product Design
  • Speaker
  • Instructional Design

Mastering joy in your work

In this 60-minute webinar, I shared how to design joy into your work. My goal was to show employees how to make work more enjoyable and rewarding, and how to create an environment that encourages creativity, productivity, success and that fit corporate cultures.

Finding joy in self-care

What if a UX designer improved the UX of wellness and mental health by for a UX designers. In this 55-minute presentation, I share my findings and ideas for improving self-care among creatives.

Tools & frameworks

I did my research, I combed the reviews and comments about many books and courses. What I found that many were inspired by the content that was out there by they wanted practical actionable tools to put the learnings in place.

Attention CRISIS Framework

Human attention is in crisis. I made a framework to build understanding about the challenges this poses to wellness and self care.

Authentic Methods for wellness

I am also designing a collection of methods to help you practice self care. I call it authentic intelligence.

The Meetup for
"A bit of joy"

A support group for changing our practice around preventative self-care,. The "A bit of joy meetup" is a cohort community which I started to transform self care for creatives and teachers.