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In 2010 I joined Ad Results Advertising, a market leader in radio advertising and live content creation. I supervised a team of 9 as the Traffic Team leader while coordinating campaign compliance with the radio stations.

It was a period of growth at the company. The advertising industry as a whole was changing thanks to the viral invasion of social media. A year previous the company began digital transformation by developing a custom processes and records management software.

As an agency veteran, I was hired to play a mentor role to the staff who consisted of a lot of junior level associates. Since visual design was not a vital part of business, I found a way to contribute value by building training program for my traffic team; including a training manual and performance scoreboard. My foreward thinking idea was to create operational knowledge that could be imported into the new software when it was ready.

Workload in radio has seasonal spikes, so in response a major annual project at AdResults was hiring and onboarding a holiday work crew of temps. Instead of that usual exercise I hired and coordinated the first team of remote workers. I hired air check veterans to reduce training needs, scheduled time-zone friendly check-in calls, and built digital onboard instructions using the cloud to host digital files.

Both of my ideas contributed to a 15% productivity increase in the number of airchecks reviewed per hour and my work reduced the operational strain of finding workspace at the office and preparing onboard packages for temp staff.

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