Rodney Echols UI/UX Designer

I use human-centered design to make products & experiences



  • Over the past 7 years working with global enterprise companies I designed apps and services to reduce spending and make work more efficient and enjoyable.

    Online Buying Customer Support

    Simplifying Complex Work CSR Assistant - Workplace Experience

    Online Buying Customer Support

    Simplifying Complex Work CSR Assistant - Workplace Experience

    Air Transportation

    Personalized Customer Experience Customer Data Engine

    Air Transportation

    Personalized Passenger Experience Customer Data Engine

    Work Showcase

    A very curious researcher, I am love pairing my creative skills with Design Thinking, interactive design and my graphic design skills to make work products that tell business stories.

    Workplace Experience Journey Map - Hospital

    After the pandemic remote work caused a 10% drop in productivity in the hospital industry ($220 million loss).

    I conducted research, built wireframes and redesigned the journey from end-to-end. As a result I produced a 21-touchpoint map with new ideas for interface and service design.

    User Adoption Campaign - Busines OCM

    The big obstacle to a company's new tool release was destroyed employee trust. Company tools usage was 40%.

    I designed an adoption campaign called "Seeing Diamonds". The a gamified feature hunt earned a great feedback from employees and improved adoption.

    Analytics dashboard - Corporate Communication insights

    An oil & gas company needed a system for technology discussions and data-driven decisions. Using my design thinking skills, I led development of metric and KPRs, created a tracking & reporting program, and designed an analytics dashboard.

    Due to the exceptional user experience delivered by our analytics program, Nielsen Norman Group recognized us as Best Intranet in 2021.

    Product design workshop - Legal

    Our design studio collaborated with sales to come up with new opportunities to present to an MVP client. I was hand picked to join a flywheel product team for my design prioritization skills.

    I led a product 4-hour workshop design that resulted in a prioritized product canvas of opportunities, target users and product ideas to pitch the client.

    Wireframing e-commerce answers - Food Service

    A national franchise learns that only 60% of website customers are completing check out. The poor experience was costing millions of dollars per lost sale. What guest experience is causing this?

    I built a 360 guest journey framework, and shared a plan for how to design a brand new experience to recover cart abandonment.

    My Personal Mission I ♥️ design to inspire joy & curiosity ​

    My Typical Team Role includes

    UX Design Lead


    Design Strategist

    Client Service

    Team Lead

    Interface Design

    Top 5 UX Design Superpowers
    Experience Design
    User Interface Design
    Design Thinking
    Design Systems
    • Team collabroration
    • Curious
    • Human-Centered Designer
    • Figma
    • End-to-end contributor
    • Internal Tools
    • Applications
    • Pitch Decks
    • e-Commerce Customer Experience
    • Enterprise
    • Agile Team
  • I have a long history with side projects, freelance work and hobbies. 

    Framework Side Project

    Designing Joy into work Mental Health & Humor

    Side Project Framework

    Designing Joy into work Mental Health & Humor

    Design System Side Project

    Gamification & Ludification Kids Chore App

    Side Project Design System

    Gamification & Ludification Kid's Chore App


    Sketchnotes & Storyborading Doodle Kareoke

    Air Transportation

    Sketchnotes & Storyboarding Customer Data Engine

    Hi, I'm Rodney. I AM a Lifetime Learner, Sketchnoter, Football Coach and Freelance Entrepreneur

    Top conversation starters

    One love...

    talking and thinking about ways to mix self-discovery, motivation and creative energy.

    One time...

    fulfilled a life ling dream of working for the NFL. I worked as part of the launch team for those blue the Instant ReplyTablets in 2015

    One hope...

    I meet a like-minded small group who likes to play trivia games, watch football and talk about 90's rap lyrics.

    One fact.

    I was once featured on a human interest story on the 6 o'clock news thanks to a Craigslist post.

    Latest projects Derek Sivers inspired this idea of a now page that captures projects, ideas and even questions that are on your mind now.

    I Track my Side Project ideas

    I wanted to play with Airtable so made a tool to track and record my side project ideas. The goal was to always have a source to go to inspire joyful designing practice.

    Jobhunt mentoring

    I recently UX'd the S#!T out of my portfolio site and I had a good time curating influencers, best practices and I even made a framework.

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