Designer, Problem solver.

for Work

UI/UX Design

Large scale Business Workflow Manager

I was UX/UI lead for a business process management desktop app for remote working Customer Service representatives at an innovative materials science corporation.

UX Design for MVP

Inspire customer experience leadership

I was UX Design Lead for a Customer Experience engine project where we designed a MVP and built a prototype to inspire executive leadership for a national airline chain.

Product Design for service

Manage intranet with minimal IT need

I designed and built an app with Microsoft Power Platform to manage content governance for an award winning intranet at a global oil & gas company.

User research & discovery projects
Interviews & workshop facilitation

Understand customer experience vision

I led user research to user and stakeholder discovery in order to write an executive summary for our customer experience vision.

Ethnographic study & iterative prototyping

Change minds about digital analytics

I cofounded the digital analytics team at a global oil & gas company by finding a gap and using data and service design to bring about change .