Win leadership buy-in

The Quarterly web analytics report was full report used by Digital Team at corporate headquarters to describe strategic performance for a high level audience. intranet and social media for the business.

There was little technical understanding of web analytics at the company, we were in the global business of B2B oil and gas, and though analytics was deemed useful our first Digital Team had to prove ROI for all of our operations to the business and at that early stage we had to build our team and our services from scratch. The main piece of feedback that I kept receiving about early reports was for simple takeaways that made performance clear.

Quarterly Analytics report

The first company analytics MVP

  • Executive Leadership
  • Digital Analyst
  • Corporate Website
  • 2014 - 2016
  • Global HQ
  • Internal product

Challenges Prove value of analytics and gain stakeholder support

The scope of the first analytics report was for the corporate website, with the hopes of future versions for the intranet and social media after the redesign projects for those launched. The of new $2MM redesign of the website corporate was the first redesigned property to launch.


Establish understanding of website performance

clear meaning for technical terms

Demonstrate the value of the report

identify performance benchmarks and KPIs for key digital programs

Sell the project to steering team & manager

show my manager my expertise in analytical subject matter

Building first report template MVP

After the launch of the website, I built an MVP of the first website analytics report template in PowerPoint. My role included writing insights, developing a turnkey report and helping with presentation notes. In a previous role I had served as digital account manager and ConocoPhillips had even been a previous agency client. My manager used the report in meetings with company leadership and steering committee members at global corporate headquarters.

Powerpoint MVP

I captured data from Google Analytics using Next Analytics, then used Powerpoint and Excel in my workflow to prepare first reports.

The struggles of corporate digital

Analytics & other common digital pain points

...if I got the chance to.

8 out 10 companies plan to work on establishing analytics in 2020.  

Digital Workplace Group 




Adobe Illustrator

I used Adobe CC to create wireframes for new designs.

I adapted to report template to user feedback

After manually building the report template in PowerPoint for a year the second-hand feedback from my supervisors meetings, exposed usability pains and gains. I customized the report using real world feedback from actual users and then used my extensive visual design skills and web analysis experience to fix the report template. This same fluid approach also help us establish our first consistent quarterly reporting process.

Visual Design I design data for "non-web" people. I happen to be an amateur sketchnoter, so I belive in using visuals to convey understanding. It is all about finding the right iconography or design component.

The secret sauce

Check out the behind the scenes work of building an analytics report template

I made the experience fit growing trends

Reporting and presentation format shifted
As the projects phase ended and the program phase picked up, web analytics was given less time in the meetings, so I adapted the report into a 1-page digital ppt slide.
Emerging technolgy trends
Between 2015 and 2016 mobility to emerged as critical enterprise IT workplace trend. I introduced iconography to section labeling so that we could have device segmentation as part of our normal reports.
Self-serve reporting
Insights needed to be broadly understandable at a glance, in order to boost familiarity I used charts from longtime traditional communication reports that leadership was familiar with, and I also used bolder color and bigger simplified charts to make visualizations stand out.

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