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I collaborated with IT to define requirements and constraints for a dashboarding project. I also identified an analytics partner and set objectives for a tool that would integrate with existing infrastructure and support resources.

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Challenge One person to manage turnkey analytics for global corporation

After writing the business case, leadership was now interested in analytics but my manager told me several times ‘we will not add headcount to perform the analytics role’. 

The challenge was to plan an efficient workflows and service that could, be managed while I also handled a full-time workload. The solution would need to adapt to further growth of the program and new digital trends. 


Reduce workflow efforts

make it possible for a single resource to produce multiple different templates.

One single dashboard

our digital lead's vision was for a single dashboard experience that could adapt for different reports and user needs

Lower the technical learning curve

the experience of managing and using the dashboard needed to match a semi-technical and purely strategic user

Phase Title

The key experience that I had to integrate was user familiarity. The culture of the organization was one that innovation was spoken to but change was resisted.

I built a framework of features and factors to describe how to customize the experience for each my audience personas to achieve its goals.



Familiarity and convention were key values to my audience. I used parts from the company’s icon collection and I repurposed charts, styling and colors from other current communication reports to make digital analytics look familiar.

Icon library

Chart styles

Brand style guide

Iterative design process View first sketches, mockups & notes

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Phase Title

I gathered data points from the measurement framework and married them with the user data collected during report design to develop into selection criteria for the dashboard platform. Even though we primarily got out data from Google Analytics, Power Bi offered technical and financial benefits. 


Data Sources
Report Type


user story


Decision title

During delivery of the final version many pain points came up from the initial platform choice. Also we won a major victory when legal approved the use of Google Analytics for all platforms.

in 2018 we moved the dashboard to Google Data studio


I took a user-focused approach to design and function. and the final solution included custom designed dash views; automatic data import; and self serve features like PDF exports and report embeds.


One single dashboard

A simple outline streamlines finding all reports and pagination is persistent on top nav.

Site Filter

The site filter allows users to quickly access one section of the site.

Customizable view

Each persona can use drop down filters to interact with screen data. Also include "At a glance" insights.

Easy to access

No more sharing email screenshots. Even the executive team can pull up an interactive link or managers can send PDF.



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