Design Customer Service Assist app

Delivering a beta version helps the product team figure out how well the main features perform. Users get to test the value proposition and get early benefits. After a beta, the team can develop the product roadmap and improve functionality that leads to delivering goals. 

If the beta works we will release the app and users will understand the value statement. A successful beta will extend the budget and continue to evolve this product vision.

Design a business process app to help employees to be more successful

Customer Service Representatives need help with managing many competing priorities, data sources and tools.

The user’s workspace was cluttered with many windows and tools all open at once. CSRs have to deliver on many ever-changing priorities to various stakeholders and they have a huge complex dataset. The client needed a modern approach and modern technology to enhance the experience. CSR Assistant was a tool built to support customer service work at a large global enterprise.


The Customer Service Representative (CSR) role in the Digital Buying workflow.

My Role

Interaction Designer/ UI Designer

My Contribution
Other Collaborators

I also served as UX Design Lead, Researcher and Visual Designer for this project.

Work Showcase

CSR Assist app

work process companion for Customer Service Workers

Customer support work needs many forms of communication, managing competing support requests internal and external, and integration with lots of tools, apps and documents. I designed a responsive web app that supports workflow for CSRs for a multinational chemical manufacturing company.

Prioritize work tasks

The app is deeply integrated across other enterprise systems, so it automatically opens from triggers in other applications.

The home screen will open and automatically order and emphasize data that needs first priority.

Save screen real estate with quick sorting and filtering
A sorting and filtering tool appears for every column when hovered over.
Optimize order support with filtering options
Dropdown allows user to filter orders new web orders, orders with blockers, orders on watchlist, etc.
Easily focus on order blockers with card filtering
Order blocker cards make it easy to batch fixing deliveries.
Flexible column width
Stretch or squeeze columns so that user can see all data and the way you have your table will save between sessions.
Customize column order
Drag columns to order them so you can see the right columns in your small window and the way you have your table will save between sessions.
Flexibility and control over data fields
Under settings toggle on and off data categories to make the best use of your space in the window.

Organize large amounts of data into a small area

The complex workflow used more than 7 APIs and many different data sets. Some grids had more than 31 columns and 100s and/or 1000s of rows of data for inventory of orders.

*Some content on this screen has been hidden to protect client privacy.

Use of fewer tools makes learning the workflow easier.

CSRs support many different internal customers as well as external customers. Having many competitive tools open

Support customers

Customers call CSRs to manage order changes and expectations. In addition, CSRs are also responsible for fulfilling them.

Mange customer accounts

Customer search feature

Find customer by PO#, other key customer data, look up open orders and customer

Contacts messages in Teams/email

Quickly opens communication with a contact integrated in Teams and Outlook. Organizes contacts and keeps info up-to-date.

Filter orders for a customer

Just like on the home view CSRs can filter a customers orders by Order blockers, columns and priority.


Create teamwork between CSRs

Customer accounts are supported by CSR groups. The group has a primary CSR and back up CSRs, but the app has to manage data from different users.

Usability features

User selector has different states so that primary user can differentiate their workspace from backups workspace.

User transition interaction, makes it very clear if you are viewing a customer list as the primary CSR or the backup.

CSR list lets users easily identify backups. They can swap between their own accounts/order and pick up where backups left off.

CSR can leave notes for backups with out leaving the app or having to use excel or email.