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A measurement framework or a measurement plan, is a strategic artifact (ours was a spreadsheet) that clarifies the analytics strategy for a digital property. The plan provides control to the analytics team by defining metrics, mapping goals and identifying the data sources.

I provided business analysis,  managed the project and designed the document. I recruited a 3rd party data analytics firm, and worked with our Director of Digital and Brand to finalize a measurement plan that the business approved.


  • Director of Digital Team
  • Digital Analyst
    My Role
  • Q3 2015 - Q1 2016
  • Global HQ
  • internal process

Objectives Discover success metrics and build a well-thought plan.

The corporate website was the first platform that we needed to decode measurement for, because it was the farthest along in our digital transformation. We hoped to gather knowledge from the process so that we can repeat the steps for other platforms.

In previous phases I learned that the business wanted a  digital presence competitive with a narrow segment of direct peers and industry best in class.

Discover the correct questions

The client is a mature business new to digital. It was important to translate needs and business motivations in an environment of digital laggards

Build a strategic plan for analytics

Need to learn how to use highly technical as a tool for content, guide our team on how to use analytics features.

Work Description Phase Title

Using the current analytics report as my MVP, I led our new Dir. of Digital, through a set of discovery whiteboard sessions. In which we did an assessment of our current data layer. mapped where our organization needed to be and we landed on a list of business goals and key user actions on our website. That is how I was able to align business strategy and analytics tactics

User Personas

When I hear a report I want high level understanding of strategic digital direction.

When I share monthly one-liners I want clarity on performance so I can support team decisions.

When I open Google Analytics I want to build reports so I can prioritize next week's tasks.

Key Decision or challenge Outcome

After discovery workshops with the Dir. of Digital, I learned his vision and realized that improved segmentation was a key need to aligning analytics with his strategy for broadening the value of our team’s services.

With our new alignment on audience and goals for the corporate website measurement, I was then able to use the same process to sketch a model of the measurement frameworks for the other 2 platforms of our digital team.

Design process Discover requirements for dashboard screens


Workflow knowledge

I developed a method for creating measurement tasks and activities, which I used to create 3 other plans.

Discovery decision

Gathered enough information to make a decision about the best fitting analytics dashboard platforms

Tagging taxonomy

The taxonomy became a key part of content strategy for 2020 NN/g Intranet award winning design


Final measurement framework spreadsheet

clear tactical plan for metrics and report types

corporate website & external domains
intranet & news portal
social media

Saved $40,000 on research Performed most of the work in-house

The work was estimated at $100K, I completed the work paying $60K to a firm and completing the rest of the work in-house.

Presented Business case Clarity on digital strategy

I wrote an official project document that identified resources, goals, timing and approach. 



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