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Design MVP for CX(Customer Experience) engine

After leading UX discovery our team had discovered the user problems and key use cases. The design phase of this project included building the user’s story and demonstrating the usability of the experience with a clickable prototype.

Building a design experience from the product vision

Design the story of what a future user experience that combines the user and the business insights into a solution that fits the business requirements. We built work products to define a MVP. The final deliverable would feature a limited clickable prototype of screens so that the client could experience the design solution.

My process

Develop Empathy

Led discussion with Product and design team to plan features. Capture benefits, needs, expectations.

Analyze Heuristics

Present conventional solutions and mood board to the clients to get feedback on user experience.

Wire Frames & User flow

A story board of how use cases fit together. Then wireframes show how interactions and components will solve problems.

Features & Backlog

To manage the scope & ensure delivery of the project some features are described and planned for future release.

Client Feedback

Management of communications so that user feedback is part of the development and client approval ensures business fit.


During the design process the team presents assets and function interaction with iterative levels of fidelity. This ensures that work is based on the feedback loop.

My Role

UX Designer

I contributed as Lead UX Designer.

I also served as UX Researcher for this project.

Work Showcase

Prototype CX Engine

Admin User Interface

I built 15 screens for a clickable backend user interface of a desktop application. The user for this app is a business user with office and communication skills, but minimal coding and tech skills. This user would be comfortable in Microsoft suite or Google office. The user wants to enter content for customer experience campaigns with minimal dependency on IT.

Human centered design
Interaction design

Flexible & speedy response

MVP needed to show the client how to give the user the ability to configure new rule logic live and without the need for technical scripts. This steps needs to have a preview and a sandbox so that the business user can edit business levers that come from executive direction.

Preview changes before publishing

In order to be able to respond our business user needs to play with business levers and see what impact those changes would have before they go live. The "Preview Result" button opens a new window that shows how a change impacts customer data.

User friendly configurator

Adding and changing rules and logic required scripting a logic statement, and it was too technical for business user. The new configurator used a wizard and drag and drop.

Campaign Orchestration

One of the bigger gaps we need to solve was how to mange campaign content data. Many CX campaigns needed to run concurrently with variations to rules/logic and on different flights.

Toggle screen view:
List view for managing the full list of campaigns
Calendar view for planning or scheduling campaigns.

List view
Calendar view
  • CX Engine_ListView
    Hi, I’m a Tooltip
    Hi, I’m a Tooltip
    Hi, I’m a Tooltip
    Hi, I’m a Tooltip
    Hi, I’m a Tooltip

    The list view showed all campaigns with a full set of sort and filter tools for easy customization of the data grid. As the list of campaigns grows, it becomes harder to visualize how future scheduled campaign durations overlap.

  • CX Engine_CalendarView
    Hi, I’m a Tooltip
    Hi, I’m a Tooltip
    Hi, I’m a Tooltip
    Hi, I’m a Tooltip
    Hi, I’m a Tooltip
    Hi, I’m a Tooltip

    The calendar view showed all campaigns in a gantt chart inspired by the Outlook calendar “Scheduling Assistant”. It is ideal for planning and scheduling because you can see how campaign dates overlap.

Future ideas for Business users

web, map, flat-3120321.jpg

Roadmap & future recommendations​

Implementing deeper seamless integrations between backend and logic engine, instant pause campaigns, content publish features, seamless user management, and notification & messaging, business can run engine with IT, drag and drop logic configuration, ​