What do you do?

What do you Do, Rodney

A listicle about experience design: vocab, roles specialities and aspirations.

On occasion I’ll come across great content that I think will quickly accelerate you knowledge of how to leverage a design led approach. I’ll post them here. This page is for learning and sharing UX design career wisdom.  

What is the difference between Customer Experience (CX) vs User Experience (UX)?

I have many projects focused on CX, while my my specialty is UX. If you are doing a digital transformation project or taking on any kind of enterprise initiative you will need to source the right team. This article gives a great crash course on how the different specialty areas of a design team work together and overlap.

Service design vs Customer experience vs User experience

How to get buy-in from clients

Getting buy-in for the solution is difficult. The problem is how to share the vision for the solution. Should I make a MVP or Prototype? A certain level of fidelity is necessary for the output. I help sponsors an product owners to manage getting buy-in for solutions.

Testing ideas with prototypes, MVP's or proof of concepts

Deal with design complexity

A designer solves problems and eases pains. The magic part of design is communicating and building, and orchestrating.

User experience design for enterprise
Enterprise clients are large, they have complex infrastructure, problems are also ver nuanced
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