A one-of-a-kind designer who is curious about human experiences at work

“I am a senior UX designer who crafts workplace and customer experience."

I  make apps, services and digital products, focused on delivering impact, feelings, improvement and productivity for employees, customers and companies.

Key themes in my work –

It is no longer enough to be the best at what you do, you have to be the only one who can do what you do!

— Jerry Garcia – Lead singer, The Grateful Dead


Years of experience


Clients served


Years focused in Experience Design


University of Houston

B.F.A. Communications - May 2003

Bradford School of Business

Completed - Sept. 2000


Skills | Tools | Approach


Passions and Interests

Indie Hacker Entrepreneur

As of June 2022 –

  • Published 8 essays and articles on Medium
  • Launched more than 20 products on Gumroad
  • I launch weekend businesses and products
  • I run 3 domains and manage small online communities

Fitness & Athletics

  • Through self-training with workout apps and coaching
  • Lost more than 25 lbs in 2021
  • Shaved 50+ points off of my cholesterol numbers
  • I love basetkball, weight training, dance, home calesthentics and work out apps

Game Design & Wellbeing

  • Making a series of challenges for corporate employee experience (Current)
  • Active leader of a Game design community at work
  • Other inspires: Dr. BJ Fogg, Nir Eyal, and Jane McGonigal

Fantasy Football Community Evangelist

  • 7 year owner/founder of Game Changer Fantasy Football league
  • I manage 2 leagues of 20+ beginners and advance fan rotoball game