Design is my art to inspire joy in others.


Years of experience


Years of UX Design

My career started as a professional Graphic Designer, I transitioned into a UX Design 7 years ago because I approach design with wholistic approach and I am very curious about interactions with people. I am the 3rd generation of a family legacy of entrepreneurship. 





Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe XD




Spread love it's the Human Way!

My mission is to find joy in my work, then inspire it in clients, teammates, customers and most of all, users."

For example: 
I love to facilitate vague discussions.
I love to create visuals that clarifies a decision.
I love to prototype, build components, and interaction patterns.
I love to make products. 
I love mentoring others on work-life balance (humor and play).

Tags: #employee wellness, #productivity, #automation, #design sprint, #customer experience.

It is no longer enough to be the best at what you do, you have to be the only one who can do what you do!

Jerry Garcia

Lead singer, The Grateful Dead

Make Meaning

Be Authentic

Have Fun


University of Houston

B.F.A. Communications - May 2003

Bradford School of Business

Completed - Sept. 2000


Passions and Interests

Indie Hacker Entrepreneur

As of June 2022 –

  • Published 8 essays and articles on Medium
  • Launched more than 20 products on Gumroad
  • I launch weekend businesses and products
  • I run 3 domains and manage small online communities

Fitness & Athletics

  • Through self-training with workout apps and coaching
  • Lost more than 25 lbs in 2021
  • Shaved 50+ points off of my cholesterol numbers
  • I love basetkball, weight training, dance, home calesthentics, and work out apps

Game Design & Wellbeing

  • Making a series of challenges for corporate employee experience (Current)
  • Active leader of a Game design community at work
  • Other inspirations on this project: Dr. BJ Fogg, Nir Eyal, and Jane McGonigal

Fantasy Football Community Evangelist

  • 7 year owner/founder of Game Changer Fantasy Football league
  • I manage 2 leagues of 20+ beginners and advance fan rotoball game